Prepaid Cards:

Gift2Go Visa® Gift Card

  • VisaGiftCardBefore

    The first iteration of the Gift2Go VISA® Gift Card and Packaging.

  • VisaGiftCardAfter

    Our new creative and “fresh approach” caught the eye of major retailers

Project Notes: Gift2Go Visa® Gift Card

Over the past five years, the Prepaid Card market has gained significant traction as viable purchase option for both retailers and consumers. A 2009 study of the Prepaid Market by Bretton Woods, Inc. concluded that:

Branded prepaid cards provide the convenience of ATM access and point-of-sale purchases, many with cash back features at no cost, bill payment capabilities and free account inquiries, all of which compare favorably to bank checking accounts.

Convenience of prepaid cards must also be compared to cash usage. Prepaid cards are vastly superior to cash.

IDT’s Retail division recognized the value in the Prepaid Market and asked us to develop a fresh approach for its Gift2Go Visa Gift Card product. The card had not gained much traction in the marketplace and needed a new approach.

We were fortunate in this instance to be working with a VP of Marketing who had vision, a firm grasp of the creative process, and a great sense of humor. First, we re-positioned the brand by putting "Visa" as the main attention grabber and subordinating "Gift2Go" as a sub-theme. Then, while our competition chose an elegant look and feel, we presented ”funky” iconic illustration themes with a bright, vivid color palette, stylized type treatments and lyrical messaging. Then to accommodate shelf space we wrapped the graphics around a self-contained in-store “J-hook” template.

Retailers loved the fresh look and the Gift2Go Visa Gift Card was soon available in national chains such as Walgreen’s and Harris Teeter stores nationwide.


The initial product launch positioned the card as an alternative to cash or the best “last minute’ alternative. These statement insert concepts were clever but did not really breakthrough the clutter…

2.Gift2Go 2

The statement insert that was eventually used was nicely done, but nothing special.

3.Gift2Go 3

The first new designs were clean and very simple. They used these unconventional drawings in a “slim-line” wrap.

first-G2G pckg